Self Service Customer Ordering Kiosk

Streamline your ordering process and reduce labor costs with a customer operated ordering kiosk




A kiosk solution for small and medium sized businesses

Customer led ordering and payment

Our kiosk streamlines operations while customer led ordering and payment gives freedom and control to your clientele.



Increased Sales

Kiosks give customers more freedom and flexibility to browse and customize, leading to 10-30% higher order values with help of suggested items and add-ons.

An available content loop screensaver promotions feature makes an idle kiosk an advertising venue for your products, influencing and informing customer choices.

Reduced Labor Cost
Manage lines during peak hours without increasing staff headcount. Existing staff can be repurposed to support order fulfillment.






Integrated workflow

Web interface can be managed from anywhere

Menus are automatically imported and synchronized across all devices.

Kiosk specific customization of product selection can be performed, simplifying the customer experience. Turn categories, menu items and modifiers on or off.

Centralized web reporting across all devices.

Scalable – Add more units as demand increases.

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