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Explore tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes across various industries.

Boost Your Business with Premium Merchant Services

Streamline your payment processing with our comprehensive merchant services tailored to retail, restaurants, e-commerce, and manufacturing.




Accept payments in-store and online with Merchant Services' innovative and reliable payment processing system. Seamlessly meet customers' payment needs, whether they prefer shopping in-store or online. Increase revenue and eliminate missed sales opportunities with our indispensable payment solution.



Restaurants need fast and secure payment processing for in-store and online orders. Merchant services offer tools like contactless payments and mobile ordering to enhance the customer experience, reduce errors, and boost revenue. Improving merchant services is essential for staying competitive in the food industry whether you own a small eatery or a large chain.



Merchant Services are essential for businesses that want to accept payments, streamline payment acceptance, offer electronic invoicing, and improve revenue and client experience. Partner with a reliable payment processing provider to simplify payments, reduce errors and delays, and exceed client expectations to grow your business online.



In the digital age, businesses need a strong e-commerce presence to succeed. Merchant Services and Shopping Carts are crucial for running an online store, as they streamline the checkout process, increase customer satisfaction, and boost sales and loyalty. Our company offers cutting-edge solutions to enhance your Merchant Services and Shopping Carts, allowing you to focus on growing your business.



Enhance the guest experience at your hotel or hospitality establishment with our expert merchant services. Streamline transactions, reduce checkout times, and provide a secure and convenient payment experience for your guests. Trust Infinity Data to take your hospitality business to new heights of success. Contact us today to learn more.



Improve patient satisfaction and operational efficiency with our tailored merchant services at Infinity Data. Partner with us to optimize revenue, reduce costs, and enhance the patient experience. Infinity Data Merchant Services transforms your facility into a modern, patient-centric space, prioritizing convenience and exceptional care.



Manufacturers and distributors face challenges with their merchant services. Infinity Data offers tailored solutions to streamline operations and maximize profitability. With cutting-edge technology and secure payment processing, experience efficiency and reliability. Contact us to enhance your payment processing capabilities.

ERP Integration


Streamline payment processes with Infinity Data's ERP integration. Optimize operations and maximize revenue with our advanced system and comprehensive payment solutions. Easily manage payments, track sales, and analyze data in one centralized platform. Reduce to manual entry and automate payment acceptance. Experience the power of Infinity Data's ERP integration.

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